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2014-06-02 18:48:38 by shadowgokustar

If you're reading this, hello! I've been lurking around on the internet on various sites, but I stop by here occasionally on game-production related business. I'm a co-founder of a place meant to help people mentor and be mentored in the art of game design. Feel free to check it out, especially since it's free! The site needs work, but we'll continue developing it over time!

That's about it! If you wish to contact me, you can message me here, or on Pixpan.

Oh, hello, world!

2012-10-20 22:31:51 by shadowgokustar

-- For anybody that reads this, I'm just saying that I will be starting up again here! I abruptly stopped all activity on this website, for I don't remember why.... Anyways, yeah,!


2010-07-27 19:44:11 by shadowgokustar

-- Well, I haven't made any news posts in a while, so I thought I'd make one. Mardek 3 is finally released!!! I've beaten the game, so if anyone wants help with it, just ask me. I also recommend playing the first two games (first) (second). Here's a lonewolf/mardek-rpg-chapter-3/?gameref erral=mardek3 to the third one. The third one hasn't been released to Newgrounds yet, because of some sort of deal with the sponsors' deal, but it should be released here very soon. Mardek RPG is a great game, and those out there that think that games that have pixelated graphics are bad, I don't know why you even play games on the internet, as there are so many good ones that have pixel graphics. Plus games with pixelated graphics take FOREVER to make, because each pixel on that game screen had to be individually placed and coloured. Now that my rant is done, I have another, less important announcement:

-- The game that I had mentioned last post, Ghost, has turned out to be a bust, at least for now. The programmer for the game believes that he is not skilled enough to take on a task as large as creating a full scale RPG. I believe he can do it, but he still feels like that all the code that he knows is ripped off from other places, and that he isn't doing anything new. I don't know anything about coding, but I guess that if he thinks he can't do it after all of this game development, then I guess he can't.


The plot of my game.

2010-04-22 20:36:27 by shadowgokustar

-- Last post, I made the implications of telling you people about the plot of the game I'm making. You start off as a soul in the "Fig realm", then you leave this realm and inhabit a body. When you are in the material world, your soul does not have direct control over the body; you get to be the person, rather than the soul. When you die a plot-related death, you re-enter the fig realm, and then you eventually inhabit another plot-related person. The fig realm exists outside of time, so it is possible to interact with someone with your same soul... Kind of weird concept, but it does sound good for a flash game, huh? Tell me what you think.
-- I'm including a screenshot of the game. All art (other than the sprite) were drawn by me in Microsoft Paint. Programming by Scorchfrost.

The plot of my game.

My banner

2010-03-20 13:30:13 by shadowgokustar

-- A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I am making a game with a buddy named Scorchfrost. I guess the title of the game is now called "Ghost." The theme of the game is relatively unique, but I won't tell anyone what this theme actually is until I get permission from him. ANYWAYS, I re-did my banner at the top of my user page, and now it matches the rest of the Newgrounds background better. I wonder if anybody will ever say something about my art...

The picture below is what the original one looked like, back in the holidays...

My banner

My medical health! :D

2010-03-05 21:25:04 by shadowgokustar

-- So, uh, today I got my first migraine! Now, if I ever feel the utmost rage without any reason or provocation, then I know that tomorrow I will get one! Anyways, I was at the ER for five and a half hours, with an IV filled with narcotics making me loopy all day! :D -- More importantly, the game Scorchfrost and I are working on is now coming along nicely. I have been having some inspiration lately, and it's been really easy to make tiles lately. :D

My medical health! :D

(insert swearword here)

2010-02-15 12:57:55 by shadowgokustar

-- I've been having a difficult time making this tile-based game, (the topic of my last post) so it might not come out for a lot longer than expected. Development on my part has stopped these past few weeks, mainly because o some problems I've been having in real life. I'm not going to say what they are, but for now, my pixelated art style is not going along as well as I'd like it to. ANYWAYS I've been having a good time at the new school I'm at, even if I do miss my old friends. It's still cool to be there, though.

A collaboration game?

2010-01-10 19:08:54 by shadowgokustar

-- Hey, people, I'm making a game with someone! It's a collaboration, though, because I can't program things yet. I already have the programmer, but we don't know any musicians yet. We are probably just going to pluck some stuff from the audio portal, if if anyone wants to compose some stuff for us, then that would be great! The game is a mixture between a puzzle and an RPG and an avoider game, but I think it will eventually be a full-on RPG. It's not, *technically* my game though, because the programmer asked me if I could help him, not the other way around, so, uh, if you want to add music to it, you'll have to talk to him. He doesn't have a NG account yet, so I'll post a link to him after he makes one. -- It's going to be the old style graphics - NES and SNES - so, uh, try to keep the music either in 8 or 16 bit. Thank you. (also, I enjoy the Santa hats. I will not remove them)


2009-12-10 18:37:07 by shadowgokustar

--- After two years of waiting, my favorite flash game creator, Pseudolonewolf, is releasing the third game in his most popular series: MARDEK 3: Keystones. This game is due to be released in Febuary (hopefully January, as long as beta testing doesn't take too long...) and will be the only thing people should do until they beat it. The website to this game is all over my page, but if you haven't gone there yet, just click this paragraph.
--- If you people think I am crazy, just play all of his games, And maybe even play his unfinished-yet-portal-worthy-game, Deliverance
--- Also, go to my userpage on the fighunter thing (*), and maybe tell me more about what You guys think about my artwork, as no one has really given me any good feedback yet.
--- Oh, and I made My banner up there by myself, same with my avatar and my picture, and if you want me to make you a good one (or even the same one, but in better quality, just PM me, I can do them pretty well, it seems) FIGHUNTER


2009-11-25 22:17:27 by shadowgokustar

Hey peoplys! I made a new artistic endeavor. It features a 'water thing' that is from another planet, or something like that. so, yeah, vote five, scout it for the art portal, and maybe tell ather peopleys about it!
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